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Virtual reality Xperiences

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Monday - Thursday

Survival or Sol Raiders

$23 per person

Origins, Singularity,
or Sol Raiders x 2

$40 per person

Friday - Sunday

Singularity, Origins or Sol Raiders x2

$45 per person
When a game of Origins, Singularity, or Sol Raiders x 2 is purchased, an additional game of Survival or Sol Raiders can added based on open space availability.
$10Can only be purchased at the store.
*Price is per person.
Please call (918) 286-6655 for more information.
Mon-Thursday 4:30-10:00
Friday-Sat 11:00 to 11:00
Sun Noon-8:00

Age limit 12+ for all VR Experiences except Sol Raiders or Engineerium

Sol Raiders or Engineerium ages 7 and up (some restrictions apply)