Not a Fighter? Xtreme's New VR Experience is About Exploration Instead of Explosions | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

When it comes to Free-Roam VR, the difference can be distilled to one word: Immersion.

Without the cables to tie you down, your mind is free to lose itself in new worlds, and at Xtreme we've always given you plenty of options: From post-apocalyptic cities teeming with zombies, to state-of-the-art spacecrafts overtaken by rogue AI, to distant desert planets.

Each of these places drops players into an adrenaline-fueled battle they'll never forget... but VR doesn't always have to be about kicking butt.

Set in a mind-bending dimension where gravity is defied by every glowing curve, Engineerium is an exploration puzzle game that makes VR accessible to all ages. While Zombie Survivial or Sol Raiders might be too challenging (or just plain scary) for your elementary tot or adventurous grandma, Engineerium offers an alternative that's less "trigger-happy" and more just "happy."

That being said, even if you've enjoyed Xtreme's more action-packed offerings, experienced players shouldn't write this one off. While it is accessible to everyone, Engineerium isn't a watered-down or underwhelming experience... in fact, the Zero Latency developers themselves list it as their most popular game amongst the staff.

Suspended above a fantastical alien ocean, the glimmering ancient alien temples of Engineerium will test your problem-solving, teamwork, and ability to coordinate your mind and body. Without waves of enemies to fight, you'll have the time to marvel at the incredible heights and supernatural illusions possible in Free-Roam VR... feeling yourself walk up walls and other impossible tricks. 

It's family-friendly VR, but it's more than that: It's VR for anyone who wants to feel their mind expand as they explore the very limits of what you can comprehend. 

Think we're exaggerating? Try it to believe it. Book your journey to the world of Engineerium here.