Breaking Down the Perfect Putt | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

When it comes to Golf, your long game matters, but playing like a pro is also about the putt.

Small-swing strategies and taking the right form are the keys to hitting a hole-in-one (and not taking too many Mulligans!), so let's look at some tips for making you a short-game sensation:

Refine Your Stance

Are you done admiring the guy in the photo above's hat? Okay, good. Let's talk about stance.

The key elements you want to be thinking about are back posture, shoulders, feet, elbows, and eyes. So... basically everything.

As you can see above, you don't want to bend too far. Your back should be at roughly a 45 degree angle, with your shoulders directly above your feet. Keep your elbows loose, not locked.

And it might surprise you to hear this, but keep your eyes down. Yes, all the way through your swing! Once you've lined up your shot, all of your attention should be focused on hitting the ball just right.

Speaking of lining up your shot...

Read the Green & Visualize

You've probably noticed the little line on the head of your putter when playing Golf before. Did you use it?

This little line is your friend when it comes to plotting out your putt. Some people like the "swing and pray" method of play, but if you're reading this, that isn't you. So let's talk about how to use that little line just right.

Before even lining up your putt, the first thing you need to do is VISUALIZE what you want to accomplish with your swing. Study the green, taking note of obstacles and rough patches, and draw a mental line you want your ball to follow.

Once you have your line, take a few practice swings before stepping up to your ball. This develops muscle memory that should kick in when the moment to make your move comes!

The Swing

Since you've done all the prep, this is actually the simplest step!

The three things you want to be thinking about are movement, force, and follow-through.

Movement is all about your shoulders, and we do mean ALL about them. In a perfect putt, your feet stay planted and your head stays aimed at the ball while your shoulders swing the putter.

Force, for putting, is a subtle art. Notice in the picture above that the arc of the putt is pretty short, only a few inches backward and forward from the ball. You know all those action shots you've seen of pro golfers with their clubs way above their heads, ready for a big swing? Don't do that! Not unless you want to be hunting for your ball in the parking lot.

Finally, follow-through: to maintain the integrity of your shot, your putter shouldn't stop dead after contact with the ball. Swing through, head down, and wait until you hear that tell-tale rattle of your ball sinking into the hole!

So now you know how to putt... but what about your long game? Practice your powerful drives at our Golf Simulator between high-speed kart races and VR battles!