5 Times Godzilla Got Xtreme(ly Ridiculous) | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

If you haven't heard the huge, rumbling, monsterous news yet: TRACKZILLA, the extra-large version of Xtreme's high-speed kart racing experience created by combining our typically two seperate tracks, is making an unprecedented appearance for the entire month of May. 

Name after the biggest monster in the biz, TRACKZILLA has a lot in common with the famous Japanese force of destruction: it's huge, it's intense, and it's fun to the Xtreme.

To celebrate our month-long TRACKZILLA marathon, we rounded up some of the most fun (and funny) moments from Godzilla's long history of crushing it (literally):

1. The Infamous Drop Kick

You've probably seen this one before because it's been meme-d to death, but no list of ridiculous Godzilla moments would be complete without it. In a professional-wrestling-style move using physics that would make Neil Degrasse Tyson's head explode, Godzilla devestates his opponent while looking strangely... relaxed? Floating through the air looking like he's napping on an invisible hammock, tail dragging listlessly on the ground, Godzilla's fighting style here says "haters gonna hate" to gravity. 

2. Comic-Book Conversation

Godzilla is known for many things: limitless destructive power, nuclear fire breath, and pleasant conversation. Wait... one of those doesn't feel right... but that's not what the director of this scene thought! Out of nowhere, manga-style speech bubbles have Godzilla barking orders to his spikey friend on a mission to save two drowning swimmers. Is it just me, or does this feel less like a scene from a Godzilla movie and more like some twisted monster version of "Lassie"?

3. Godzilla's "No New Friends" Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments with someone that made you realize you needed to re-think your friendship? Now imagine that person is Godzilla. This guy clearly thought he and the world's most famous monster had a long, poignant history that was gearing up for a tearful reunion. The thing is, it's hard to build lasting relationships with mutant lizards bent on total destruction. 

4. The Victory Dance

At the beginning of this clip, it seems like your standard Kaiju battle... but then just as Godzilla's enemy retreats, we get a treat. I don't know what you'd call this particular move Godzilla busts out, but his fanciful prancing is hilariously out of character. Seriously, this felt like seeing King Kong punch a plane out of the sky from the top of the Empire State Building and then just start dabbing. 

5. The Time he Played Basketball with Charles Barkley

We saved the weirdest for last. Sure, it's a Nike commercial and not a true Godzilla movie moment... but this was too ridiculous not to include. There are plenty of questions to ask here, but we'll stick to two for now: Who made saftey glasses big enough for Godzilla, and most disturbingly of all... where was he keeping them? It's not like Godzilla has pockets.

Ready to make some of your own memorable moments? TRACKZILLA is usually only up for a day or two at a time, but now you can enjoy it for the entire month of May. Plan your visit now!