5 Friends You'll Probably Want to Ditch During the Zombie Apocalypse | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

Your squad. Your crew. Your bros. Your group. Your partners in crime.

You've got your people, and they're just right for the world as it is... but what if things changed?

Is the funniest member of your group chat who you want watching your back from the undead? 

Is your best drinking buddy also the best trusted lookout?

When survival becomes the name of the game, sometimes you have to make some sacrifices. Bring your best friend, of course. But during the Zombie Apocalypse, it's less about keeping the clique together and more about keeping your blood on the INSIDE of your neck. 

Maybe it's morbid, but here are the 5 Friends You'll Probably Want to Ditch During the Zombie Apocalypse:

1. The Picky Eater

We all know this one. A total pain when it comes to ordering pizza - "Can't we just get half cheese? I only like plain..." - this person might be mostly harmless as long as they order their own appetizer, but during the Zombie Apocalypse, being squeamish is a real liability. If they can't stomach broccoli, do you think they'll have the fortitude to hack off a Zombie's head with a machete? No way. They'll be in the corner crying over a sandwich with the crusts cut off. 

2. The Gossip

Always there with the dirtiest of dirt on everyone, you know this one talks about you too, but have to engage sometimes. The details are just too juicy. Speaking of juicy, that's how the Zombies are going to see your neck, and you're going to want to only surround yourself with people you trust. It's always the two-faced character who gets bitten, keeps it a secret, and turns at the worst possible moment to ruin everything for everyone. That's the gossip, a ticking time bomb in your Apocalypse party. 

3. The Chimney

Whether it's cigarettes or something stronger, your non-stop-smoking friend is going to have to go cold turkey or end up eaten. There's no such things as smoke breaks from fighting the undead, not to mention heavy smokers aren't known for their talents in sprinting or distance running. They might be more relaxed than the rest of your crew, but this isn't the time to chill out. The Zombie Apocalypse is actually the perfect time to have absolutely no chill whatsoever. 

4. The Party Animal

Your go-to bar-hopping buddy, this one is a ton of fun. But they're also loud, and erratic, and usually not the greatest "team player." Going from yelling "chug, chug, chug" to taking orders and operating as part of a unit is a whiplash change, and peer pressure might be kind of fun when it comes in the form of "c'mon, finish that pitcher!" but it's distinctly less fun when it's "c'mon, you go first into that dark tunnel!"

5. The Blogger

This person might not be your closest friend, but you know they're your FaceBook friend, mostly because they're always the first to comment on your status with a thought that starts with the word "Actually..." Creative in theory, but mostly just when it comes to complaining or creating clickbait, they aren't going to be an asset to your team unless you think you can defeat Zombies with arguments. Leave the blogger behind, trust me. If you learn nothing else from this blog, remember that.

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