4 of Your Sol Raiders Free-Roam VR Questions Answered | Xtreme Racing & Entertainment

Whenever something new and innovative comes along, it can cause a bit of a disruption. 

Maybe you've heard that Sol Raiders is the first Player vs Play Free-Roam VR experience. Or that it lays the groundwork for a global E-sports phenomenon. Or that it combines the best parts of console gaming, traditional VR, paintball, and lasertag while leaving all of those earlier iterations in a different century.

...But what does that all mean? And how does it work?

Let's get into it:

1. What makes Sol Raiders different from the other Free-Roam VR games I've played at Xtreme?

Unlike standard stationary VR, Free-Roam VR untethers players from wires and turns their bodies into the controllers. With our previous games, players locked and loaded with their teams to battle hoards of zombies or hostile robots controlled by the game's AI.

With Sol Raiders, you're not fighting the game - you're fighting each other. Broken up into team ORANGE and team BLUE, players are transformed into armed androids and compete to complete goals in the game while blasting each other into scrap metal. 

Think "Halo" or "Call of Duty" - but with the immersion level turned up 1000%... or paintball in space with state-of-the-art graphics.

2. What is Sol Raiders gameplay actually like?

Though it doesn't quite summarize the complexity of gameplay, skill, and strategy - the best metaphor for Sol Raiders' play is probably "Tug of War with Guns in Space."

On three graphically and strategically unique maps, your team will compete against the other team for the "Sol." In the universe of the game, this valuable resource is worth risking everything to attain. Using the tractor beam function of your weapon, you and your teammates drag the floating orb of Sol back toward your goal to harvest and score points. 

The more team members dragging the Sol, the faster it moves... but you'll need shooters to take out enemies and protect your efforts as well, creating the need for squad-combat tactics and communication with your team members to emerge victorious.

3. The maps can't really compare to paintball, laser tag, or video game maps with your physical limitations - right?

Wrong. That's one of the most mind-blowing parts of playing Sol Raiders. Despite the reality that you're in a single flat warehouse space, the programming masterminds at Zero Latency have developed numerous perspective tricks to make you truly feel like you're moving through real cover and obstacles... even creating height differences through lifts and ledges that feel 100% real within the world of the game. 

On top of being able to mimic and improve upon the maze-like and sniper-nest-dense maps of laser tag and paintball, since Sol Raiders is virtual, it isn't limited to a single map per play. For each Sol Raiders play through, you'll visit three different interstellar locations:

Turbine Station - teams begin on either side of an open area with their own cover on each end, creating a kind of "dueling fortress" feel that necessitates lots of teamwork and covering fire if you intend to pull the Sol out of the no man's land

Dark Wreck - to mix up the action and the combat, you're now thrust into close-quarters room-to-room fighting while you seek randomly spawning data canisters to harvest for points

Mining Canyon - placed on either side of a plummeting canyon, players must decide to either take up firing positions in sniper's nest towers or brave hovering science fiction gondolas to steal the Sol 

4. What happens when I die?

Once the laser blasts start flying, you can be the king of cover, but odds are - you're going to go down at least a couple of times.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Sol Raiders actually makes this an interesting part of the experience. Since (unlike a video game where you're just using a controller) Sol Raiders can't just spawn your body into a new place, when your character is killed you enter the "Rift" ...a vivid wormhole parallel dimension.

While in the Rift, you are guided back to the spawn point, where you can emerge back into your original dimension with a fresh bot ready to battle. 

We hope this answered some of your FAQs, but to be honest, Sol Raiders has to be played to be believed. Book your match here to experience the revolution in Free-Roam Virtual reality.